We first started blogging in June 2006 under the title of The Queen’s Blog – The Queen being the one and only Queen Ananasty. The Queen’s Blog featured the adventures of Queen Ananasty, Princess Chimpton and Servant Dave (later The Bearkeeper or Davidd). Since those days our blog has undergone quite a few transformations. At the end of 2006 we discovered our very first Renault Bear – the one and only Eddie – when Tony lent him to us to take on holiday to Egypt. Soon we discovered more and more bears and pretty soon we were overrun. We needed a bigger, more dedicated blog and so we started a new blog in 2007. Originally this was called Save The Renault Bears, then Save The Bears. These blogs were all hosted on Blogger but we soon moved over to self-hosted WordPress with The Renault Bears.

After a while we trans-morphed into the original Jammy Toast.

However, the original Queen’s Blog continued unabated for a while as Birkenvegas.

By 2015 things were getting too confusing with blogs all over the place. The Queen had long ago retired from public life and so we closed down Birkenvegas. The different bear blogs were closed down and we restarted as New Jammy Toast from scratch. However, although some of the original posts were pretty cringe-worthy – the main reason for us restarting the blog – we missed the fun we had on the original sites and some of the activities we underwent in the good old days – who can ever forget the Teddy Bears Picnic, Chimpton’s Love Affair With Speedo Man not to mention The Great Birkenhead Park Baked Beans Fight, to name but a few?

So with all this in mind, we recently decided to merge all the previous incarnations of our blog into one and create the New Jammy Toast website.

This is pretty much where we are up to today.